Stretch marks during pregnancy, is there anything I can do?


Some women experienced stretch marks during pregnancy, and some may not have any issues. It may appear everywhere, more common on breasts, belly, buttocks and thighs. Cosmetically this can become nuisance, and may cause self confidence in some. There are many products advertised to prevent stretch marks sold in the market. What is causing stretch marks and can it be avoided or reduced?

Stretch marks occur during pregnancy, due to increasing weight which stretches the collagen and elastin in the skin up to a point where skin loses its elasticity.

  • Stretch marks occurrence depends on genetics. If any of your parents have them then you have more tendency of developing stretch marks.
  • Applying moisturizer such as cocoa butter may help to reduce the prominence of stretch marks but would not prevent one from developing or erasing it completely.
  • Ensure that you drink enough water during pregnancy, and limit salt/sodium intake cause sodium will retain more water inside the body that will end up increasing your weight rapidly.
  • Most of the time stretch marks will fade close to skin color after delivery.
  • There is no effective treatment for stretch marks available at this moment.

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